The Most Secure Locks: Which Ones are Hardest to Pick?

It's rare to find a padlock that is so difficult to open that it baffles even experts. Learn which locks are hardest to pick and why.

The Most Secure Locks: Which Ones are Hardest to Pick?

It's rare to find a padlock that is so difficult to open that it baffles the Locksport community, such as the Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD. Do you rate the Protec and the MSC higher than the F3D? I'm missing something. The Protec will pick beautifully, and I can only imagine that the MCS is a delight? Are you referring to strength or safety in general? Abloy (any series), Medeco (any series), ASSA (any series), Schlage Primus, Sargent Keso, Corbin Russwin Pyramid, Corbin Emhart, Mul-T-Lock (any series), Chubb (Mul-T-Lock division), DOM ix 10, Evva 3KS, Kaba PEAKS and some of the best padlocks (A2, A3 and A4, IIRC) are all great options. The Scorpion CX5 (sold in the U.

S. Department of State under the high security line of Marks USA) is another option that hasn't been mentioned yet. You could also opt for ASSA Cliq or one of the other electromechanical locks (Medeco and probably others also have versions), as they offer more protection against tampering. An ASSA V-10 Cliq could be as close to shockproof as possible. If the cliq didn't have a couple of really easy bypass methods, I agree with you on that.

If you watch Marc Weber Tobias' talks at Defcon 17, you'll understand what I mean. The Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD is a feature-packed lock with unparalleled synchronization and connectivity options that allow you to remotely control different doors in your home. So what are the best locks on the market? And what makes them so hard to pick? LONG LIVE MCS! The only way to access the door would be to clone the key and, in that case, an expert locksmith would have to get hold of the original key. They repeat the test eight times, with the ram raised to ever greater heights or until the lock breaks. They also help with one of the most dreaded feelings: worrying that you may have never locked the door when you left for work in the morning, because with smart locks you can check if the door is locked remotely from the website or application. Magnetic locks are not very common on the market and for that reason alone they provide a level of protection not seen in other locks.

The only way anyone can access a property with this lock is by looking at the original key. Each key has a complex rounded shape which, together with its magnetic element, makes it an extremely difficult lock to open. In the US, you would choose a Medeco, a Schlage Primus or a Mul-T-Lock depending on what dealers in your area are selling. There is no doubt that you are looking for something that a standard lock opening kit cannot open and that is considered a great challenge for anyone, even professionals. That said, not all locks are equal; some can be opened with little more than a fork while others have features such as magnetic locks and advanced smart locks.

Even so, the Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD offers a number of useful features such as a touchscreen keyboard for PINs, an access log to track who comes and goes and voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, its simple design hides a complicated lock that has proven to be impervious to even the best pickers. Although they can be opened, I would say that this type of lock has the lowest probability of being opened out of any type. With the Nuki app available on your Android or Apple phone you can remotely close or unlock the door allowing you to let in anyone who needs access to your house such as a merchant or nurse.

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