Which Lock is the Hardest to Pick?

Find out which locks are hardest to pick with this comprehensive guide! We cover Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD, HYT Chain Key Ring, EVVA MCS, Bowley Padlock and Abloy Disc Lock.

Which Lock is the Hardest to Pick?

It's rare to find a padlock that is so difficult to open that it perplexes even the most experienced locksport community. The Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD is one such lock, a smart lock that can only be opened with the semi-exclusive use of your smartphone. It is battery operated and will not open when the power is interrupted, making it safe from collectors and other types of thieves who don't specialize in computer science. If there are any glitches later with this device, it can always be fixed with a software update. The HYT chain key ring is another lock that stands out for its inaccessibility.

It is known as a chain key because the key itself is a loose chain that is injected into the lock, allowing it to be curved in such a way that it is extremely difficult to carry standard tools for opening locks along the way of the key. Without the key or without being very familiar with the inner workings of the lock, it's impossible to know what lies behind that curve. The EVVA MCS is another magnetic lock, similar to the MIWA, but much more complex. The cuts in the key and the round shape of the key exacerbate the difficulty of opening this lock, as does its unique magnetic pattern that each EVVA MCS key has. It may be duplicated or decoded in the future, but so far it has only been done with the use of the work key.

Without the selector being able to study your personal key, this lock cannot be opened. The Bowley padlock is a new and innovative type of padlock that began its life as a Kickstarter padlock. It uses a unique design that is extremely difficult to open, making it a black belt and one of the most secure padlocks available today. The key to this lock is unlike anything you've ever seen before and people will ask you for it. In fact, its design is so different that you can be sure that no one has ever seen it before and it is truly unique in the world of locks.

The wrench is impressive, and while it may seem a little fun and possibly a little fragile, it's very strong and made of high-strength steel. The Abloy disc lock is another modern invention. It has a shackle covered so that it's very difficult to cut, hardened steel everywhere and an excellent padlock core to prevent anyone from entering. Ideal for use on a padlock and chain, a thick bolt or a large anchor is where this padlock will work best. It's not suitable for use with a chain, however, since the chain would be very exposed and would mean that protecting the shackle of the padlock would be redundant. So when would you need a lock like this? To store your nuclear weapons, perhaps, or to protect millions of dollars in gold ingots or an arsenal.

The key to this lock is....

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