The 5 Most Difficult Locks to Pick: An Expert's Guide

What are the hardest door locks to pick? In this expert guide, we'll explore five of them from Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 to Abloy Protec2 and more.

The 5 Most Difficult Locks to Pick: An Expert's Guide

"The 5 Most Difficult Locks to Pick" is a topic that piques the interest of locksmiths and security enthusiasts alike. These locks represent the pinnacle of security technology, designed to withstand even the most skilled attempts at manipulation. Exploring the intricacies of these locks can be a fascinating journey into the world of locksmithing and lock design. However, it's important to remember that while gaining knowledge in this area is valuable, using it ethically is paramount. If you ever find yourself locked out or in need of security assistance, don't hesitate to search for a trusted "locksmith near me" who can provide professional solutions to safeguard your property.

Magnetic locks are the least common locks on the market and, for that reason alone, provide a level of protection not seen in other locks. But what are the hardest door locks to pick? In this expert guide, we'll explore the five most difficult locks to open, from the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 to the Abloy Protec2 and more. The experienced Bosnian lock picker Bill reviews the components of the Master Lock Speed Dial 1500iD on his YouTube channel. The Abloy Protec2 is a disc retention padlock that uses a special disc locking system to lock the discs together and prevent manipulation of individual discs.

YouTuber Geo shows that you can pick the Evva MCS Gen 2, which has two mechanical coding functions plus a magnetic coding function for triple security. GreenGrowLocks uses a homemade pick to access the pins of the HYT Chain Key Lock padlock. Do you rate the Protec and the MSC better than the F3D? The protection will pierce beautifully, and I can only imagine that the MCS is a treat? Abloy (any series), Medeco (any series), ASSA (any series), Schlage Primus, Sargent Keso, Corbin Russwin Pyramid, Corbin Emhart, Mul-T-Lock (any series), Chubb (Mul-T-Lock division), DOM ix 10, Evva 3KS, Kaba PEAKS and some of the best padlocks (A2, A3 and A4, IIRC) are all considered some of the most difficult locks to pick. The Scorpion CX5 (sold in the US under the Marks USA high security line) is another option that I haven't seen mentioned yet.

You could also consider opting for ASSA Cliq or one of the other electromechanical locks (Medeco and probably others will also have versions), as they would offer more protection against bites. An ASSA V-10 Cliq could be as close to scotproof as possible. Forever Lock is an example of an incredibly complex lock that is difficult to open. With all the problems that the lock presents, not knowing what the key looks like would further confuse a thief who wants to open your lock.

All that having a lock that can't be opened gives you is the knowledge that the way to open the lock isn't easily available. These locks are so difficult to open that some successful selections were found to be potentially false. The delicacy of the system can make it more of a collector's item than a practical padlock for everyday use, but you can still use it to protect your valuables. In conclusion, no matter how smart the lock community is, there are some very challenging locks that have continued to frustrate and fascinate lock collectors. It's not practical to open them because it's difficult to maintain tension in each pin while opening the lock.

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