What is the Most Secure Type of Door Lock?

Learn about latch locks, Sifely keyless padlocks, wheel locks, knob locks and smart locks - all types of door locks that offer improved security.

What is the Most Secure Type of Door Lock?

Latch locks are the most secure type of key lock and are typically used on the outside door of a house. A Grade 1 is the highest grade and provides the most security. These locks offer a wide range of uses and are some of the most secure types of door locks available on the market. They are commonly used on commercial doors, public buildings, and glass entry doors.

If you're looking for a lock that does it all, the Sifely keyless padlock is an excellent choice. This lock can store more than 200 codes and more than 150 fingerprints, making it perfect for homes, businesses, or even rental properties. It has an automatic locking feature so you never forget to close the door behind you, but if you need to make multiple trips, you can set it to pass-through mode and avoid having to unlock it repeatedly. This easy-to-install and very affordable lock is highly robust, but like the previous option, it doesn't offer some of the more advanced features that users may be looking for.

One of the best features of wheel locks is that they can be mounted directly on the door or on the inner side of the door. All smart locks still include traditional key access in case you or someone else doesn't have the smart device to open the door. We chose this lock because not only is it suitable for most doors, but it also comes with a door alarm. You can recognize this type of lock in a hotel room.

When you swipe a card, the electron sensor activates the lock so that it is deactivated and can open the door. Many people around the world are now installing smart locks in their homes due to their improved security. Unlike a latch lock, which is spring-activated and can be locked automatically, a lock must be locked with a key (usually from the outside) or with manual action (usually from the inside). If there are many people coming in and out of your house, children who often forget their keys, or a vacation rental property with high turnover rates, you might consider a keyboard-combination lock or a smart lock. This single-sided lock, which can only be closed from inside the house, does not have an outer plate on the outside. Even the screws are made of steel for added protection, as are the hardened inserts inside the lock that prevent attempts to drill.

Some locks allow homeowners to create new keys themselves through a quick and easy process using a patented master key that comes with the original lock. Knob locks, commonly found on bathroom doors and apartment buildings, serve as an additional means of security and are often used in conjunction with other locks. Smart locks use smartphones as a key, which means that users can be anywhere in the world and still be able to access their locks easily. When looking for smart locks, you'll need to make sure that it integrates with any existing devices you already have or if you need additional equipment.

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